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Max Shulman – How academia survives

February 15, 2015

“My name is Schultz,” said the professor. “Now, get out paper and pencil, and I’ll give you a list of books you’ll need for this course. Ready? Introduction to the Study of Sociology by Schultz. Sociology Made Simple by Schultz. Survey of Freshman Sociology by Schultz. Sociology for Freshmen in College by Schultz. Introductory Monograph to the Study of Freshman Sociology by Schultz. Broader Aspects of Sociology by Schultz. Bibliography of Schultz’s Treatises on Sociology for College Freshmen by Schultz.

          “I’ll let you out of class early today so you can run right over to the bookstore and buy these books. And don’t try to get them secondhand because you can’t. I just wrote them this summer. Don’t try to sell them when you’re through, either. I’m writing a new set right now. You don’t think I live on my salary here, do you?”

(from Barefoot Boy with Cheek [1943])


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