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Theodore M. Greene – What democracy must do

December 29, 2014

“[I]t is clearly not enough that man should merely be freed from tyranny or harmful coercion. The good life has also a positive content; it is human existence rich in meaning, in happiness, in social and cultural achievement. What citizens crave is not merely freedom from unjustifiable restraint. They also crave the opportunity to explore and participate in all those experiences which have been found to yield intrinsic and lasting satisfaction. The democratic way of life is dedicated to the enlargement and deepening of the human spirit, both individually and collectively. It is a way of life in which the positive content of experience is of major importance. If it is to function as it should, democracy must therefore do everything that is appropriate and needful to enable its citizens to share, to the limit of their capacities, in this way of life.”

(from Liberal Education Re-examined [1943])


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