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John Daniel Wild – Feeling healthy, feeling philosophical

July 25, 2014

“[A]ll men are philosophers and… the academic discipline exists solely for the purpose of purifying and refining that natural philosophy of the common man which is a necessary part of human life. Medicine is pursued in a professional way by technical specialists. But this is done in order to improve the health of living men. In the same way philosophy is pursued as a technical discipline by specialists. But this is done in order to help men think more clearly and more truly about themselves and the world which they inhabit. … True philosophy is a therapy for the common intellect of common men, and true therapy does not try to destroy what it is trying to heal and perfect. If the native, rational faculty is basically corrupt, there is no sense in trying to study philosophy at all. The case is hopeless. If, on the other hand, the rational faculty of man is basically sound, then its basic apprehensions, though often vague and mixed with what is false, must be respected.”

(from Introduction to Realistic Philosophy [1948])


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