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Lord Byron – Why he blogs

April 30, 2014

But what’s this to the purpose, you will say.
    Gent. Reader, nothing, a mere speculation,
For which my sole excuse is, ‘tis my way.
    Sometimes with and sometimes without occasion
I write what’s uppermost without delay.
    This narrative is not meant for narration,
But a mere airy and fantastic basis
To build up common things with commonplaces.

(from Don Juan, Canto XIV, verse 7)

With much to excite, there’s little to exalt,
    Nothing that speaks to all men and all times,
A sort of varnish over every fault,
    A kind of commonplace even in their crimes,
Factitious passions, wit without much salt,
    A want of that true nature which sublimes
Whate’er it shows with truth, a smooth monotony
Of character, in those at least who have got any.

(from Don Juan, Canto XIV, verse 16)


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